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Keep your life secure and safe

Are you feeling unsafe? Don't let threats to your personal safety run your life; get individual and professional help with obtaining or handling cases concerning orders of protection or anti-harassment in the Puyallup, WA area.

When you have an order of protection or anti-harassment order, your physical safety is protected. Orders of protection will not include:

  • Mandating child support

  • Mandating maintenance or alimony

  • Dividing or assigning most property to you or the respondent

  • Establishing child custody or ownership of shared residence permanently

Protect yourself by understanding your legal rights

  • Ordering the respondent against entering your residence

  • Providing temporary custody

  • Allowing for scheduling of visitation for a minor child

  • Protecting you from injury or threat

Orders of protection and anti-harassment

Call Greg S. Webley Attorney at Law for legal assistance with anti-harassment orders 


  • Ordering the respondent vacate a shared residence

  • Giving you legal possession of your personal property

  • Allowing you use of a vehicle

  • Sending the respondent to court-ordered counseling